Sweden Tour 2007, 5th Part


Sweden Tour 2007
5th Part


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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


Thursday, May 31, 2007: We leave Bohuslän with its rock carvings and drive back across Sweden to Nyköping. On the way we are searching for the labyrinth Storeborg on the top of a hill. Unfortunately it is overgrown and covered with fallen trees. At Nyköping we will stay for one night in the Ibis Hotel. The Lindbacke labyrinth is not far away, so we can walk it in the evening. There is a grave field beside, and a spring dedicated to Freyia, all said to date back to the Iron Age.


At Gamlestaden behind the Nylöse kyrka Kindergartenchildren Difficulty research Lisa searching and ditching
Ingrid relaxing Els and Kimberly watching Lisa and Sharon working New start
The cowgirls at the fence Cows guarding the labyrinth ... ... from Lindbacke The way to the center
Lisa takes care for enlightenment Lisa takes care for enlightenment Walking the labyrinth in the darkness Arrival in the center



Friday, June 1, 2007: In the morning we are visiting together the Lindbacke labyrinth. Our next destination is Nynäshamn to catch the ferry to the island Gotland. On the way we explore the church of Sorunda with a labyrinth on a wall. Our departure with the ferry is delayed for several hours due to the inclement weather. The passage takes 4 hours. Late in the night we arrive in Visby. We shall stay in the Almedalens Hotell for the next days on Gotland.


Our hotel in Nyköping Inside our hotel in Nyköping The map with the way to the labyrinth The map with the way to the labyrinth
Sorunda kyrka Sorunda kyrka Meeting house Meeting house in Swedish
In a café at Nynäshamn Waitng for the storm Swedish girls and her mother Lisa singing on a bench
Ingrid in an internet café On the ferry to Gotland The ferry is full Destination Gotland driving to Gotland


Prinzipzeichnung Lindbacke


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