Sweden Tour 2007, 4th Part


Sweden Tour 2007
4th Part


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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


Wednesday, May 30, 2007: First we visit the Rock carvings from Litsleby with the giant and the strange circles on the ships, that are maybe prehistoric navigation tools. Then we are searching for the labyrinth carving from Stora Anrås at Östergarden, which we finally find on a boulder ashore a brook near to old mill ruins. Lisa is working as interpreter. We continue to explore the overgrown labyrinth from Björnemyren on the grave field of Valbret's grave, belonging to the Megalithic graves. A longer drive to a ship setting at Blomsholm from the Iron Age in the province Bohuslän concludes this somewhat rainy and gloomy day.


Description of the boats from Litsleby in German Description of the boats in English The giant from Litsleby Navigation tools from the old and the new times
The shield-like images Ístergarden Questions Instructions
Ingrid on a small bridge Lisa searching The boulder with the carving The small labyrinth
Lisa pointing out Preparations for the photographer The photographer at work Lisa, our sunshine
The sun is always shining More carvings The pattern of the Ístergarden mill labyrinth Picnic in the Vitlycke museum
Valbret's grave Description in German Description in English The stoneslab grave and three standing stones
The stoneslab grave Signposts in Swedish Stone ship in Swedish Description of Blomsholm in German
Description of Blomsholm in English It could have been like this Signpost in a rainy landscape Gloomy times
A bright spot Shipsetting in a meadow on a rainy day From the Viking period till today ... ... the ship setting from Blomsholm


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