Sweden Tour 2007, 3rd part


Sweden Tour 2007
3rd Part


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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


Tuesday, May 29, 2007: First we are driving to Stenehed, which may be called a small Swedish Stonehenge. Then we visit the Stencenter at Svarteborg with a new labyrinth, built in 2002 by Siv Boström. After that we are exploring the rock carvings from Åbyhällen at Sotenäs, immediately beside the Nordens Ark. We are looking for two prehistoric stone graves on the cemetery of Hunnebostrand. We drive back over Greby and Ulmekärr to Tanum. In the evening we make a visit of the rock carvings at Fossum.

"Rock carvings are an elementary thought of mankind", says Adolf Bastian (1826-1905), the founder of modern ethnology.


Stenehed Description in English The row of 9 standing stones Siv Boström
The labyrinth Signposts to Åbyhällen Rock carvings in a forest The rock carvings
Animal tracks Animal tracks A ship A ship
Strange signs Animal On the way to Nordens Ark On the cemetery of  Hunnebostrand
Signs of live Stone graves Granite monoliths at Greby gravfält Granite monoliths at Greby gravfält
Inside our hotel at Tanum Outside our hotel at Tanum Rock carvings at Fossum Rock carvings at Fossum
Description in German Description in English The woman from Fossum The woman from Fossum
Hunting scenes Antlers Dancing scene Strange signs


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