Chartres 2004, Part 3


Chartres 2004 with One Heart Tours

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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


View from the organThe culmination: The labyrinth walk. A private walk for our group on Tuesday evening. On Friday we had enough time on the labyrinth as it is open and free of chairs that day (as it is every Friday).




View from the pulpit View from the organ View from the organ Rush on Friday
Coming and going Moving Standing, sitting, amazed Concentrated
Life on and in the labyrinth Everyone at his way In the center View to the altar

More photos from the labyrinth in the Photo Gallery under Chartres >


On Saturday, July 24 we had the closing circle and a shared picnic in the yard of Maison St. Yves. Then we took the train to Paris to stay a night in Paris. This was the time to say good bye.


Every mystic way that doesn´t lead to the market-place, is a wrong way!

Kent All these beautiful things George Counseling
Dan and David Tracey und Kathleen David and Ruth Housewives together
Frances and Neal What more do we need? There are so much things Stephenie

Keep on Walking the American Way of .... Walking the labyrinth!



Here some pictures created by Neal Izumi, who came from Hawaii to visit Chartres.


The western portal Chartres train station The roof of the cathedral
Robert, Monsieur Bruno, Ruth, holding the key For me: The most beautiful picture of the labyrinth Model in the park
© Copyright for this pictures Neal Izumi