Chartres 2004, Part 2


Chartres 2004 with One Heart Tours

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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


John James writing an autographThe open south portalGothic: Spirit and Light in Stone (John James, Robert Ferré)





The southern portal View to the north rosette through the open south portal John James' favourite demons John James playing the goblin
Renovations The south tower Turning round on a higher level The buttresses


John James speakingTour of the cathedral with John James.





Ruth interveningRobert's favourite reliefTour of the cathedral with Robert Ferré.





The architect of the cathedral View from above A little chapel Going round
Tim and Neal Dan Our group Robert and Frances


We had a short meditation every morning and daily announcements and some lectures in a room at Maison St. Yves. Lunch or dinner were often in "Table St. Yves". By group members some optional activities were offered. Liked: the dancing-circle with Alys.