Pilgrimage Paris - Chartres 2003, Part 3


The way to Chartres -
an adventure the other way round

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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


the fifth morning circleLoro, the troubadourSaturday, 09/06/2003: Time to explore the cathedral from all sides, to go shopping, eating. Lecture by Gernot on the development of man and woman.




at breakfast stop noon reliquary with the veil of the Virgin
staircase in the northern tower at the left: Pythagoras the western front in the crypt



at the entrance to the cryptthe western roseIn the afternoon: Time to say good-bye in the crypt and in the light of the western rosette. Some will stay for an other night at Maison St. Yves.





saying thank you vault in the crypt saying good-bye in the crypt

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the northern rosethe northern roseSunday, 09/07/2003: I drive back with the train via Paris, passing Hanches and Epernon. With the subway from Montparnasse to the Gare de l'Est. With the train via Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Frankfurt back home to Würzburg.




Epernon Chartres Hanches



GernotI want to say thank you to our pilgrim guide Gernot Candolini and to all the companions on the way from Paris to Chartres, for all. Erwin.