Pilgrimage Paris - Chartres 2003, Part 2


The way to Chartres -
an adventure the other way round

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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


the second morning circlea short stopWednesday, 09/03/2003: Hike to Epernon, there a good lunch and after that a little nap on a meadow. Short stop at the church of Hanches, an unexpected view to the cathedral from 20 km air distance. From here to Maintenon, there we passed the night in the hotel Le Saint Denis directly in the center. We walked this day approximately 25 km.


again a stop one more time let's go the lunch
a little nap at Hanches dead-heads Maintenon, water castle


the third morning circleThursday, 09/04/2003: We walked along the little river Eure, passed fields and the forest. The cathedral could be seen from 10 km distance. Arrival in Chartres in the late afternoon. We took up quarters in Maison St. Yves, near the cathedral. Supper in one of the little saloons in the city. We walked this day approximately 25 km.



stop at a water pump looking for the cathedral seen from 10 km air distance arriving  Chartres
the last meters to the cathedral joy Gallettes supper


the fourth morning circlein front of the north portalFriday, 09/05/2003: The culmination, finally the labyrinth in the cathedral, free of chairs. Gernot gave a lecture on labyrinths and ancestors. In the evening an improvised picknick in Maison St. Yves, the chairman of the Association des Amis de Saint Jacques d'Eure et Loir came for a visit.


St. Michael the blessing Christ in the west portal pilgrims of St. James picnic
view to the west entrance the labyrinth in the center bridal couple passing the labyrinth

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