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Labyrinth Links 2
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Georgiana LoftyOn this website everybody is invited to open himself to the spiritual experience of the labyrinth. The old practice of the way to the center is concerned: Circling to the center by walking the labyrinth. The woman behind is Georgiana Lofty, Doctor of Ministry, teacher, artist and a licensed Marriage, Family&Child Therapist from Oakland, USA.

Alex and Joan ChampionEarthworks is a company, run by Alex and Joan Champion, that create sacred spaces in the form of earthworks as labyrinths, mazes and other complex geometric symbols based on archetypal patterns in nature, that are also spiritual symbols and interactive gardens.

Toby Evans Toby Evans has build togehther with Mary K Barge in 1995 the Prairie Labyrinth near Kansas City in Missouri (USA). She is teacher, artist, musician, author and therapist, and is working intensively with the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. She presents the labyrinth at her website; her book: Keeper of the Circles, the Chakra Aligned Labyrinth, describes the Energy Keepers. She is relating about the Art Line, a line of outdoor artworks stretching across the heart of America in 14 states on the 39th Latitude.

Grace CathedralCindy Pavlinac is a Fine Art Photographer specializing in images which convey the beauty and mystery of place of ancient sanctuaries and modern expressions of the sacred throughout Europe and North America. Her images have won numerous awards and appeared in over 300 publications. Labyrinths have featured prominently in her works and travels since 1987.

AustraliaThis website is from a voluntary organisation for Australians interested in spreading the calming and healing use of the Labyrinth throughout Australia.

On this website you will find information about mazes and labyrinths in the Netherlands.

Selma SevenhuijsenThis is the website of Selma Sevenhuijsen of the Netherlands. She is professor in the ethics and politics of care at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University and has an independent consultancy practice. From 1989 till 2001 she was a professor in Women's Studies at Utrecht University. From 2001 on she is working with the the labyrinth. Her social and political involvement has caused that she has also from the start on been interested in ways of using the labyrinth for building dialogue and connections between people and as a mean for community building.

Walter PullenThink Labyrinth! :-) is the great website of Walter D. "Cruiser1" Pullen with informations about mazes and labyrinths in abundance. You can learn all about the different types, definitions, algorithmes and so on. You can download for free the software Daedalus 2.1 to create all kinds of mazes. Walters motto: Find your way through life's Maze.

David TolzmannThe Labyrinth Company designs and builds walkable labyrinths in all media, for temporary or permanent use, portable or fixed, from studios in Baltimore and New York. Beginning with the first Chartres Replica™ labyrinth built in 1995 by the Chief Geometer and Labyrinth Builder David Tolzmann the Company has over 800 labyrinths completed at the end of 2002.

Women of Long Beach iSpiritual is a woman owned and operated business. They are makers of labyrinths and offer a unique and unusual selection. The labyrinths are called finger labyrinths and/or lap labyrinths. Each is made with love and open-heartedness. Their own experiences with the labyrinth have made them firm believers in their simplicity and profound effectiveness.

Marty CainMarty Cain is an artist who builds labyrinths and sacred sites, dowses for water and geopathis stress in homes and businesses. She fully believes that the Earth and every thing on it is alive, conscious, intelligent, and ready to play with those who bring respect and their own playfulness to the opportunity. Marty's first awareness of the spirit in nature was with her Lithuanian grandfather who took her, as a child, into the woods to ask the wildflowers if they wanted to be transplanted into his garden.

Loretta RogersThe Sacred Labyrinth is the website of Loretta Rogers. She talks about the Sacred Geometry and sacred spaces, especially about the labyrinth as a tool for people of all beliefs to come together for a common spiritual experience.